Gonneville Project Community Website

The Gonneville Project has a new home for community information. Head to the Gonneville Project website for Project updates, information about community funding and initiatives, and updates on the Environmental Approvals process.

Our Commitment to the Community

As a Western Australian-based Company, Chalice is proud to be a part of the local communities where we work.

We have actively and transparently engaged with local communities and Traditional Owners to build respectful and collaborative relationships, with a goal of earning trust and achieving lasting social and economic benefits. It also helps us better understand the potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of our activities in the communities where we are based.

Community Engagement

From the beginning of the Gonneville Project in 2020, Chalice has recognised that community engagement is critical. As a member of these communities, local employment, procurement and sponsorships are among the best ways Chalice can contribute today.

To ensure we deliver on these commitments, Chalice has developed a Community Engagement Framework to apply a best practice approach in all areas of our business. This framework outlines our targets for community engagement and the supporting initiatives we are implementing to achieve this.