Values & Strategy

FY 2023 Strategy


Generate New Discoveries
  • Conceptualise, define and prioritise new targets for potential major discoveries
  • Cultivate our ‘discovery DNA’ and leverage our intellectual property


Define New Resources
  • Make new major discoveries and turn them into material resources and reserves
  • Define and characterise the mineral systems


De-risk Development
  • Define project scope and advance approvals, maximising value and optionality whilst minimising risk
  • Secure value-add and capability-add strategic partnership(s)


Develop our Business and Market
  • Understand and influence the market for Chalice’s basket of resources
  • Enhance and manage our portfolio of projects to maximise value for shareholders


Fund the Strategy and Protect our Data
  • Maintain financial flexibility and optionality to fund our strategy
  • Strengthen our controls and processes


Focus on People and Stakeholders
  • Build our sustainability brand, reputation and social license
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Execute safely