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Community Investment Application Form

Before you start completing your application, please note:


Funding proponents must be able to meet Chalice’s expectations of its partners including complying with laws and regulations such as applicable competition, consumer protection, environmental, employment, modern slavery, health, safety and welfare laws.

Our application form cannot be saved as you progress so we recommend reviewing the form in full and gathering all of your responses and required information before starting.

Please ensure you complete each field. If the question is not applicable – simply write ‘n/a’ or similar to indicate this field does not apply to your application.

Section 1. Application Details

Section 2. Community Investment Details

a. Type of contribution requested
b. Focus area

Section 3. Opportunities

a. Detail any associated benefits and/or opportunities in relation to the following areas:

Benefit / opportunity for Chalice


Level of Status (e.g. naming rights, gold sponsor etc)

Media/communication opportunities (e.g. TV, print, radio, internet, newsletters)
Use of Chalice’s intellectual property (e.g. logos, marks, talent appearances and/or imagery)
Branding & Signage opportunities
Chalice staff involvement
b. If you are successful in your application, please confirm you will be able to provide a report / photo of the impact?
c. Do you give permission for Chalice to use any quotes or photos in publicly available documents?
Upload requirements
Chalice reserves the right to ask any further questions which may be needed to assess your application.