Julimar Information Sheets

Information Sheets

Gonneville Project Overview

Chalice Mining discovered a significant mineral deposit in early 2020, containing nickel, copper, cobalt, palladium, platinum and gold – the Gonneville Project, located ~70km NE of Perth and ~25km W of Toodyay, Western Australia.

Exploration in the Julimar State Forest

In early 2022, Chalice commenced low-impact exploration drilling in the Julimar State Forest. Chalice’s current exploration program sets a new standard as one of the lowest impact exploration campaigns, using leading practice environmental management measures. Chalice’s activity in the Forest is strictly governed by a Conservation Management Plane (CMP) approved by the Western Australian Government.

Please download the Exploration in the Julimar State Forest Information Sheet for more information on Chalice’s low-impact approach to exploration.

Managing Dieback

Chalice is committed to strong environmental stewardship, including strict dieback management protocols to minimise the impact of our exploration in the Julimar region.

Please download the Dieback Information Sheet for more information on Chalice’s management approach. 

What are Green Metals?

The Julimar Project is positioned to be a globally significant and strategic source of battery and hydrogen green metals in WA. 

Download the Green Metals Information Sheet for further details on the role of these critical metals and Julimar.

Exploration and Land Access

For further information on exploration methods and land access, the following Fact Sheets have been independently prepared by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC).

Further resources can also be found on the AMEC website at www.amec.org.au or via phone on 1300 738 184.