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Julimar - Investment

Community Investment Guidelines

Julimar Project, Western Australia

Chalice Mining aims to uphold the highest corporate, social and environmental standards and recognises the importance of building respectful and inclusive relationships with our Western Australian stakeholders, communities and governing organisations. 

Chalice Mining is committed to positively impacting local communities within which we explore to achieve meaningful social and economic benefits. 

As a member of these communities we strive to offer support, wherever possible, through prioritising local procurement and local employment and community partnering initiatives consistent with our core values - Integrity, Alignment and Advancement, and above all to ‘Do the right thing’.

The following guidelines provide the framework for Community Investment decision making. 

As funding is limited during the current exploration stage, Chalice has determined three focus areas of Education, Environment and Community Connection in order to best prioritise our support.

Eligibility Criteria:

Requests for funding that align with the following core focus areas will be prioritised :

  • Education – initiatives that advance and improve regional educational opportunities.
  • Environment – initiatives that protect and rehabilitate the environment.
  • Community Connection – supporting local opportunities, events and groups to strengthen the community connection within the region.

Chalice currently deems its local communities relevant to the Julimar Project to be:

-    Shire of Toodyay, Western Australia
-    Shire of Chittering, Western Australia

Types of Contributions:

  • Sponsorships – commitment of money or resources in exchange for specific promotional benefits.
  • Donations – a monetary contribution. Chalice does not expect anything in return for these contributions.  
  • In-kind Support – non-monetary contributions such as volunteer support.

Application Process:

Requests should be submitted via the Sponsorship Application Form and sent to attention Communications Manager.

Applicants must demonstrate alignment with the provided guidelines, the Company’s core values and business objectives. We request that applicants provide at least two months’ notice prior to funding commencement. 

What will not be supported?

Chalice Mining will not consider funding requests:

  • That do not align with Chalice’s core values.
  • That are retrospective in nature.
  • From individuals seeking support.
  • From profit businesses.
  • From programs located outside of Chalice’s ‘local communities’.
  • From organisations or individuals that promote activities that are discriminatory or offensive.
  • From a program that is traditionally the role of the government.
  • From any political parties or government departments.
  • That duplicate services already provided within the community. 

Funding proponents must be able to meet Chalice’s expectations of its partners including complying with laws and regulations such as applicable competition, consumer protection, environmental, employment, modern slavery, health, safety and welfare laws. Sponsorship or donations will not be provided in exchange for a contract, permit or other business benefit. 

All applicants will receive a response in writing to their applications within 30 days of receipt. 

Supported sponsorships and funding should will be formalised in a sponsorship agreement between the two parties. 

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