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Community - Julimar Project

The Julimar Nickel-Copper-PGE Project, Western Australia


Chalice Mining aims to uphold the highest corporate, social and environmental standards and recognises the importance of building respectful and inclusive relationships with our Western Australian stakeholders, communities and governing organisations. 

Chalice is committed to open communication with the community in which it operates.  The Company aims to actively manage the impact of our activities through the continued consideration and response to the interests and concerns of the local community where the Julimar Project is located. 

Key Project Details

The Julimar Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element (PGE) Project is located in the Avon Region of the Wheatbelt, ~70km north-east of Perth.  The Project comprises a mix of granted exploration licences over privately-held farmland and the Julimar State Forest, within the Shire of Toodyay (see Figure 1). All exploration to date has been conducted on private farmland.

Figure 1. Map of Chalice’s granted exploration tenure and surrounding Shires.
Figure 1. Map of Chalice’s granted exploration tenure and surrounding Shires.

The following figure (Figure 2) shows a typical timeline for a mining project with several stages of progression. A project only progresses to the next stage if the previous stage is successful.  Although some projects advance more quickly than shown, it is rare for a project to get from discovery to a decision to mine in less than 5 years especially if it is located in a new region.

Chalice is currently in the ‘Discovery’ stage outlined below, where the key goal is to determine if the Julimar Project hosts an economic deposit of minerals. 

It is important to note that there are a number of future stages to complete before mining may commence at Julimar, and Chalice anticipates this would take several years. 

Figure 2: Typical timeline for a mining project with several stages of progression.
Figure 2: Typical timeline for a mining project with several stages of progression.

For a comprehensive project overview and Chalice’s commitments to the local community, please read our “Community Fact Sheet”. 


Chalice takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is committed to achieving excellence in environmental management through understanding the sensitivities of working within the Avon region.

No exploration has been conducted within the Julimar State Forest to date, however Chalice has recently received approval from the Minister for the Environment to conduct low impact, non-ground disturbing exploration activities on granted tenements located within the area.

This work would be undertaken concurrently with the current activities on private farmland. The proposed activities within the Forest is due to commence in early Q1 2021, and will have negligible impact on vegetation and fauna, as no clearing or ground disturbance will take place. Activities will be completed on foot and accessed using vehicles only along existing tracks. Recreational activities within the Forest are unlikely to be impacted in any way. The primary purpose of these activities is to effectively screen large areas quickly with minimal impact.

All works will be governed by an approved Stage 1 Conservation Management Plan (CMP). There are strict provisions governing exploration and mining in Western Australia, as well as legislation and a large number of supporting regulations under the environment portfolio. 

For more information on our Environmental framework please refer to our “Chalice Environmental Fact Sheet”.

Exploration Licences

Before accessing, exploring or drilling on land, all companies must apply for and have granted a mineral exploration licence over the area. The Mining Act, administered by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) governs the licence conditions and relevant processes. In the case of private land, an access agreement with the landowner is also required prior to a company conducting any exploration activities. 

Chalice must also receive the necessary permits from DMIRS prior to conducting exploration activities within its granted exploration licences. These permits contain detailed conditions to minimise disturbance and environmental impacts.

Please note that an exploration licence does not allow the holder to conduct any mining activities.  A mining licence must be granted for this to occur, a process which can take many years to approve. 

If your property falls within the area of an exploration licence, it does not automatically follow that access to your land will be requested. Chalice will contact only those landowners whose land falls within targeted exploration areas, with the vast majority of areas within these exploration licences not affected. 

For more information on exploration licences and how this affects landowners, please refer to the "Chalice Exploration Licence Fact Sheet".

Exploration Activities

Chalice is now exploring for nickel, copper, cobalt and PGE’s, with all activities to date taking place on private farmland within granted exploration licences. 

Current activities include exploration drilling (using both reverse circulation and diamond core rigs) and non-ground disturbing exploration (e.g. soil sampling, ground-based geophysics and airborne geophysics).

For more information on exploration activities, please read our “Drilling Activity Fact Sheet”

Community Feedback

All community feedback will be carefully considered when deciding how to proceed with exploration programs and all reasonable measures will be made to ensure a satisfactory solution is achieved for all parties.
Please refer to our "Community Feedback Information Sheet" for further information. 

Please contact Chalice direct for further details or information requests:

Chalice Mining Limited
Level 2, 1292 Hay Street
West Perth
Western Australia 6005

GPO Box 2890 Perth
Western Australia 6001

T (+618) 9322 3960
F (+618) 9322 5800

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