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Community - Julimar Project

The Julimar Nickel-Copper-PGE Project, Western Australia

Our Commitment to Community

Chalice values the community, and aims to uphold the highest corporate, social and environmental standards in all that we do. We recognise the importance of build respectful and inclusive relationships with our local stakeholders, communities, and governing organisations.

The Company aims to actively manage the impact of our activities through the continued consideration and response to the interests and concerns of the local community where the Julimar Project is located This ensures we deliver a meaningful and ongoing social and economic benefit to the people and enterprises around our exploration.

Key Project Details

In March 2020, Chalice made a significant discovery of platinum group elements (PGE's), nickel, copper, cobalt and gold at the Julimar Project near Toodyay, about 70km north-east of Perth.

Please click on the Julimar Project Information Sheet for a complete project overview.



Chalice Information Sheet

Exploration in the Julimar State Forest 

In early 2022, Chalice commenced low-impact exploration drilling in the Julimar State Forest. Chalice's current exploration program sets a new standard as one of the lowest impact exploration campaigns, using leading practice environmental management measures. Chalice's activity in the Forest is strictly governed by a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) approved by the Western Australian Government. 

Please click on the Exploration in the Julimar State Forest Information Sheet for more information on Chalice's low-impact approach to exploration. 

JSF Cover Information Sheet

Managing Dieback 

Chalice is committed to strong environmental stewardship, including strict dieback management protocols to minimise the impact of our exploration in the Julimar region.

Please click on the Dieback Information Sheet  for more information on Chalice's management approach. 


Managing Dieback JSF

What are Green Metals?

The Julimar Project is positioned to be a globally significant and strategic source of battery and hydrogen green metals in WA. 

Click on the Green Metals Information Sheet for further details on the role of these critical metals and Julimar. 

Green Metals Information Sheet

Project Timeline 

The figure below shows a typical timeline for a mining project with several stages of progression. Although some projects advance more quickly, it is rare for a project to get from 'Discovery' to a decision to mine in less than five years, especially if it is located in a new region. Chalice is currently in the early period of the 'Feasibility & Permitting' Stage.

It is important to note that there are a number of future stages to complete before mining may commence at Julimar, and Chalice anticipates this would take several years.

Figure 2: Typical timeline for a mining project with several stages of progression.
Figure 1: A typical timeline for a mining project; Chalice is currently in the ‘Feasibility’ stage.

Community Investment 

As well as supporting local procurement and employment, Chalice partners with local organisations for a number of community initiatives that are aligned to our core values.

To date, these have been supported through sponsorship, donations and in-kind support.

Please visit our Community Investment page for more details and to apply for funding.

Exploration Activities and Licenses

Chalice is now exploring for nickel, copper, cobalt and PGE’s, with the majority of activities to date taking place on private farmland within granted exploration licences. 

Current activities include exploration drilling (using both reverse circulation and diamond core rigs) and non-ground disturbing exploration (e.g. soil sampling, ground-based geophysics and airborne geophysics). Where required, Chalice is also utilising small track-mounted rigs to minimise our impact.

Watch this video to view our low-impact Track Mounted Drill Rigs in action.


Low-Impact Exploration Video

For more information, the Association of Mining and Exploration Company (AMEC) have prepared the following independent facts sheets for the wheatbelt community of WA:

For more information, or to contact AMEC, visit

Community Feedback

All community feedback will be carefully considered when deciding how to proceed with exploration programs and all reasonable measures will be made to ensure a satisfactory solution is achieved for all parties.
Please refer to our "Community Feedback Information Sheet" for further information. 

Julimar Project Community Newsletters

As part of our commitment to keeping local communities informed, Chalice regularly publishes the 'Julimar Project Community Newsletter'. The newsletter focuses on activity at the Julimar Project and our support of community activities in the Toodyay and Chittering Shire.

Please refer to our past issues for the latest project information:

Issue No.1 - Julimar Community Newsletter - November 2020

Issue No.2 - Julimar Community Newsletter - February 2021

Issue No.3 - Julimar Community Newsletter - May 2021

Issue No.4 - Julimar Community Newsletter - August 2021

Issue No.5 - Julimar Community Newsletter - November 2021 

Issue No.6 - Julimar Community Newsletter - February 2022 

Issue No.7- Julimar Community Newsletter - July 2022

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